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Hello there!

I'm guessing you stopped by this page to get to know me a little bit better, so without further ado...

This is me!  I'm 29 years old and I started blogging in 2008.  It began as a way document our wedding planning and then rolled over into a blog about newlywed life.  To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure anyone ever really read it at all.  So after a bit of a crazy time in my life, I've come back.  And I'm hoping I can provide everyone with some great fitness advice and a little bit of humor.

The title, "My Fit Life," pretty much sums up what this blog is about, including that touch of flair that typically comes with being around me.  You'll definitely find quite a bit of sass 'round these parts, but I will be serious, too.  This blog will probably be a lot like a fitness website with a little bit of fashion and some real life thrown in.  Hopefully it won't be as lame as it was in the past.  At least one can hope.

I have a degree in Political Science, and while I do work for the federal government, I'm actually in HR so I don't really use my degree at all.  All I really want to do is workout and eat so I became an NASM Certified Personal Trainer in May.  My ultimate goal is to get in the best shape of my life and actually stay that way.  Oh, and help others to do that too:)

On the love front, my husband Mike and I have been married for a few years and I love him dearly.  This is us:

He is a wonderful husband and best friend.  We met in 2005 when I lived in Tennessee and was attending school.  He was dating a co-worker of mine {you can go ahead and start judging now}.  Believe it or not, her and I were not close friends and rarely hung out together.  The first time I met Mike, he came into the Express store where we worked and I literally almost drooled all over myself.  I mean, what can I say?  He's quite a looker!

Long story short, he and the not-so-close friend of mine broke things off the following Spring.  He and I became friends and then decided we were crazy for just being friends because we were head over heels for each other.  The rest is history.  We celebrated our marriage with family and friends on September 19, 2009.  It was the greatest day ever!

No kids yet, but we do have two pretty fantastic boxers.  I'm not gonna lie, we treat them like they are our children.

The first is Jack and the second is Lilly.  Jack is super mellow and enjoys his people time.  Lilly is super obnoxious and drives me crazy, but loves me and follows me everywhere.  I mean, really, can you blame her?!

That's me {or us, rather} in a nutshell!  If you have any questions for me, fitness or otherwise, I'd love to hear from you!

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